Return of the Runaway Bride

Book Description

Once upon a time...there lived a young woman named Savanna who was engaged to Daniel, a handsome law student. Theirs was to be a fairy-tale wedding. But Savanna's second thoughts were too big to be ignored, so the would-be bride ran away.

As the years passed...Daniel's heart turned to ice. It is this unfeeling man that Savanna faces when she returns. Her first love is now a distrusting stranger. Can Savanna ever make Daniel understand why she abandoned him? And can she convince the man of her dreams he will always be her Prince Charming?

Book Review

When you are young and naive, even true love can seem suffocating. Do you end all your dreams and get married just because its what's expected of you? Or do you walk out and dare to live your life on your own terms? The fears of a bride to be are real and can be identified with.
You love a girl enough to want to marry her right out of school, but she decides to leave you hanging at at the altar. You get on with life the best you can, but some how that girl still stays stuck in your heart. Then she comes back to town, and you don't know what to think. Is there hope for a second chance or will you just open yourself up to more hurt?

Return of the Runaway Bride
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