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Special Delivery (A Valentine's Short Story)
Sometimes gifts of the heart are the best gifts of all... 

All Amanda Holiday wants is for her husband to come home for Valentine’s Day. She’s expecting their first baby, but her husband Luke – a US Navy fighter pilot – is half the world away. So Amanda determines to get through her childbirth alone with the help of a trusted good friend. When a raging snowstorm hits, complications ensue. Will Amanda’s strength see her through? And can Luke stay out of harm’s way? It may all depend on the power of love to achieve a happy ending.

Book Review

This story resonated with me on two levels, first I read it on Valentine's Day :) and second I had my baby while my husband was away on duty as well. The story of Luke and Amanda brings out the emotional hardships that service wives everywhere can identify with. The short story is sweetly written, with beautiful character development and a couple of thrills along the way.

Special Delivery (A Valentine's Short Story)
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