Take Me, I'm Yours

Book Description

Sexy single dad Derek Mitchell has learned the hard way to never trust a beautiful woman. So although he would always be indebted to Lainey Adams for thwarting a kidnapping attempt on his beloved daughter, he isn't about to show his gratitude by offering his heart on a silver platter! But what's the brooding bachelor to do when his matchmaking millionaire father rewards Lainey's heroism--by giving her a share of the family fortune? Despite Derek's love phobia, something about the beguiling Lainey touches his soul, filling him with hope...and desire. Yet he senses that she is keeping secrets--the kind that could shatter his world.

Book Review

Lainey is a stay at home mom, who has managed to work from the house in order to be able to spend as much as possible with her young son. On an outing to the beach, her son alerts her to a possible kidnapping of a young child, Abbie's grateful grandfather gives her a hefty reward as a way to say thank you. However Derek, Abbie's father arrives in a fit of fury and takes the cheque back.

Some time later, the grandfather dies, and Derek apologizes for the way he behaved as his father had told him the full story before he passed away. Now Lainey has the opportunity to build a new life for herself by opening a day care center at Derek's company. The children connect well and the adults are just about moving past friendship to something more when Abbie's real mother arrives on the scene.

Will their fledgling relationship survive, will Abbie's desire for her mother make Derek take some drastic steps? From saving a young child from being kidnapped to landing the job of her dreams - single mom Lainey sure has a fantastic roller coaster ride. Come along for the ride!

Take Me, I'm Yours
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