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When a girl on a quest gets kidnapped…
Princess Coral wants one thing. Actually two. Her lost sisters. Locked in her underwater castle by an evil regent intent on seizing control of her kingdom, Coral is determined to break free and find her siblings. When she tries to escape, she’s seized by her childhood crush, Finn. 
This wasn’t the reunion she’d expected. Finn plays a delicate game. A game of loyalty, betrayal, and honor.
Even though Finn is working for the enemy, Coral needs his help to reunite with her sisters and stop an underwater war. She must risk her heart to gain his trust. But what will happen if Finn chooses against her?

Book Review

Of the three Princesses of Atlantis, only one made it back with her regent. That was Princess Cordelia. Or Coral as her close friend Finn likes to call her. Coral has doubts about her being a genuine princess because Mollusk her regent plants them there. She hopes that by looking for her two sisters she will be able to convince him and the rest of her citizens of her claim to rule. Unfortunately she is little more than a prisoner in her own castle...

Till someone abducts her. Someone she trusted before he became a separatist. Some one who did more than stand her up for a date she was really looking forward to. Someone who broke her heart...Can she trust Finn this time round not to betray her? Can he keep her safe even as people try to murder her to do away with the legend?

The plot thickens now as we come to know that Finn is actually Pearl's step brother, but was led away from the Royalists by his father. Now he fights with his own heart's desire to keep Coral safe, and the ideology that refuses to suffer the policies that Mollusk implements. With the two of them manage to survive not just the enemies trying to kill them but also each other?!

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