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Book Description

When a girl goes from lifeguard to princess…
Maris Sanders thinks she’s a normal high school girl. Until she starts developing underwater powers that aren’t normal at all. When a good-looking stranger, with the odd name of Cuda, comes into her life and tells her stories, she discovers a history that stuns her.
A lost princess. A lost kingdom. And two lost sisters she never knew she had.
Not knowing who to believe, Maris is determined to find the truth. About herself, her powers, and her sisters. But a scientist hired by Cuda’s father is determined to use her as a science experiment. Maris must decide whether to risk her life and her present human reality to join a battle under the sea. And if she doesn’t, will she ever find where she truly belongs?

Book Review

Maris has had the most normal life among the three princesses so far. She doesn't even know that she is adopted. She has never been allowed close to the ocean by her parents and it comes as a surprise to her that she could swim without ever having taken a single lesson. She is fast enough to win medals for her school and obviously feels that working as a life guard is a perfect summer job. Although she though she would end up at pool duty like most newbies, not at the beach.

Cuda has more than a passing interest in Maris. He thinks that she may be the lost princess, but he needs to find out if she is aware of her own special talents. Before he can test her, she ends up rescuing Dirk Devilla. The son of a scientist who is in cahoots with the separatist leaders. He's looking for the princess but really doesn't believe in the legend like his father does. Unfortunately its all true and Dirk manages to trap Maris and hand her over to his father.

Maris is just about coming to terms with the fantastic legend which both Cuda and Dirk are convinced is about her and two other lost princesses when she discovers her special heal in the ocean. There's a whole lot of story left even once the book ends. Can't wait to find out how the three united princesses and their personal body guards deal with the situation underwater and the coming war.

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