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Former interior designer and store owner Olivia Livingston followed her brother to Christmas Town, Tennessee two and a half years ago and never looked back. It was the perfect place for purchasing the holiday knickknack shop, All Things Christmas, and an ideal spot for hiding from heartache. Olivia's broken engagement to a Virginia vintner three years before shattered her illusions about love. So when a hot, young architect comes to town to restore the Grand Hotel, Olivia has no qualms about working with him on the project. Nick Claus might be tall, dark and exceedingly handsome--with spectacular blue eyes. But that doesn't mean Olivia's even mildly attracted to the really nice guy, who can totally fill out a pair of jeans. And, seriously? What is the deal with him thinking he can tell when she's been naughty or nice?

Book Review

Olivia has been happy since she shifted back to Christmas town. Her brother is there, she has her own shop, her horse is her baby and she helps with all kinds of volunteer work. She should be very content, but with her friends all recently married and popping out babies, she suddenly realizes that she wants more.

Nick is happy to spend time with his baby sister Sandy as he comes to Christmas Town to work on the old Grand Hotel. His skills as an architect may have brought him to town, but his pull towards Olivia is what's keeping him there. He wonders if she could really be the one who could accept him and his rather unique heritage?

Will she stay once she learns the truth? It's a whole lot of fun reading about how both Nick and Olivia deal with the magic playing havoc with their lives. I love the way Santa's Little Helper gives us clues of what to expect.

This is the third book in the Christmas Town series, but it works well as a stand alone too.

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