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The Clockwise Collection Finale!

The stress created by Casey's recent split from Nate causes her to trip back in time in a haphazard manner, and not always to the same time! Sometimes she's in 1929 Boston getting more entangled than ever with the mishaps of her new and not-so-helpful friends, and at other times she's back in 1775 trying to make sure the colonists still win the war of Independence!

Will the craziness ever stop? And will she and Nate work out things in time for graduation?

Book Review

For a while there all of Casey's "tripping" in the book had me tripping in my head. The poor thing was really reeling from her break up with Nate and was heading into one messed up time line after another. I'm so glad that she finally found the help she needed to set things straight. (nice touch there by the author, but I'm not going to be handing out a spoiler here).

Although I must admit I was very surprised that after all that she went through when she didn't have Nate, she refused to get back together with him when he did finally come calling. Although I loved the fact that she was so much more confident about her own abilities and had the conviction that she could survive anything on her own.

The book showed just how far Casey had come from being a frightened teen to a mature young woman who could handle anything.
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