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Book Description

England, 1651: Christmas has been outlawed by the new Commonwealth government—but that won’t stop Lady Chrystabel Trevor from embracing the holiday spirit. When she finds herself snowed in with handsome and intriguing Joseph Ashcroft, the Viscount Tremayne, merrymaking leads to mayhem. In a time of fear and oppression, can the magic of Christmas bring two hearts together?

Book Review

Chrystabel & Joseph Ashcroft are extremely unusual parents. They tie into the Chase family romances once Ford comes into the life of Violet, their eldest daughter. As much as I have enjoyed the inventive Ford and the intellectual Violet's story, it was interesting to get an insight into her parents who are always questioning convention.

At a time when Royalist families were being persecuted and Chrystabel has to flee to Wales with her brother and sister, the last thing she expects is to find shelter with the Ashcrofts and fall in love with their son. Unfortunately that son is trying to save his childhood friend from an unsavory future by marrying her.

It's a beautiful story speaking of the difficulties that people of that time endured. Imagine being forbidden to celebrate Christmas?Of course that's not
going to happen with Chrystabel around.

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