Cashmere JL

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Book Description

Sarah doesn’t talk to strangers. It’s awkward, stressful, and there’s the uncontrollable blushing to worry about. When she boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, she plans to stick her nose in a book and ignore everyone around her.

Aiden’s terrified of flying, and it’s his first time on a plane. If he can distract himself by talking non-stop for the entire flight, he will. Too bad for Sarah he’s sitting right next to her.

Against all Sarah’s expectations, she ends up enjoying Aiden’s company. They laugh, argue, concoct stories about other passengers, and accidentally hold hands during the turbulence. When the time comes to say goodbye, Sarah can’t help the crazy thought that she shouldn’t let Aiden go. 

Then he kisses her.

And then he’s gone.

With her world turning upside down in more ways than one, Sarah has to make a decision: stick with the safe, predictable life that’s been mapped out for her, or find the courage to go after what she truly wants.

Book Review

I really enjoyed reading this young adult book. Most of us have irrational fears and the author gives both her main characters fears that we can identify with. She then proceeds to blend in a romance and real life complications so beautifully in the story. It was fun reading about South African cultural references. The story has universal appeal and is the sort of thing that could happen to anyone. There was also the underlying lesson that if you wake up and work for what you want, you can definitely have it

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