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Book Description

England, 1677: The last of three sisters to marry, Lady Rose Ashcroft is determined to land a wealthy, titled husband—a marquess perhaps, or even a duke. Having had her heart broken in the past, she's decided the key to enticing a man lies in hiding her intelligence and academic interests while flaunting her more feminine qualities. Matchmaking mother in tow and strategy firmly in place, Rose heads off to Charles II's court to find love...
And runs smack dab into Christopher "Kit" Martyn, the one man who could ruin all her plans. Kit is a dashing, successful commoner with his sights set on landing the post of official Royal Architect—and he's the only man Rose feels she can honestly talk to about anything. Kit knows the true Rose, and he wants her, but she thinks of him as a family friend. Can he convince her that a title is unimportant compared to the passion he knows they're destined to share?

Book Review

Rose has always been the romantic who wanted to marry a title. After she loses Rand to Lily, she decides a change in scene is due and goes to court. She's always down played her skills and brains, but with Kit, she can be herself.

He's got no title, he's just a commoner who happens to be a friend of the family. What he's got is ambition to become the Royal Architect. He also wants to marry Rose, but how is he going to get her to see him as more than an old friend?

It was interesting to see the references to Wren in the story, made it more real. Now Rose has to decide if she wants love or power.

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