UNREALITY is a part of the MARKED BY FATE boxed set on AMAZON KINDLE

Book Description

Ever since she helped solve her mother’s gruesome murder twelve years ago, Meadow Bright has kept her psychic abilities locked away. As a five-year-old, the brutal visions of her mother’s death nearly destroyed her. Now, a senior in high school, she still fears her nature and what opening up could do to her.

But when a classmate is found viciously tortured and murdered, her powers return with a vengeance, flooding her mind with new visions and opening old wounds. Worst of all, the new victim wears the signature of her mother’s killer, a man who’s still in jail under a life sentence without parole.
It seems that, all those years ago, she made a mistake and helped put the wrong man in jail. Now, she must redeem herself before more people die.

Book Review

A high school student dealing with visions and powers that run in the family, a nosy cousin, a concerned boy friend, a demanding best friend and her job as a gliding instructor. It's a well written story about a girl who has to overcome much in life to even approach something called normalcy. There are chill,s thrills and a superb climax which will leave you biting your nails. I swear there were times I wanted to jump right into the book to help them prove who did it!


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