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When death is stalking, only a phantom can save her--and love her.

Fleeing to her father's abandoned Arizona ranch to hide from political assassins, Isabella Flores is attacked by a ghost haunting the property. He's Decorah Security agent Matthew Houseman, killed in the line of duty. Still, passion blooms between Isabella and Matthew, and as their relationship turns more physical, Matthew becomes more real to himself and to her. After the ranch is attacked and Matthew helps save Isabella's life, she learns a startling secret. There may be hope of bringing her ghost lover back-if she dares to risk everything.

Chained (Decorah Security Series, Book #3): A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novella

Book Review

The thrid book in the Decorah Security series is definetly more in tune with the first one. The idea of a ghostly body guard is appealing, especially when he can become solid when the need arises. The idea of the spirit lingering in an area away from the physical body is beautifully dealt with in this paranormal novel. I enjoyed the fact that Matthew Houseman's spirit would return to the one place he had been happy as his body and spirit were wrenched apart. Isabella Flores arriving there was just a fortuitous coincidence. Will Isabella get Matthew's spirit to return to his body? Can Matt protect her from the harm that is coming? How will this story be resolved. Find out when you read the book.

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