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A tempestuous island holds a mystery that can destroy.When Tara Spencer agrees to spend the summer caring for her ailing grandmother, she has no idea how her life will be changed by the handsome stranger next door. Will she have a second chance at love, or will his secrets put her life in jeopardy? Warning: Surrender to Love contains dangerous characters, intrigue, and a ghost.

Book Review

Tara is looking for a place to run away from her ex boy friend and when her grandmother asks her to come and spend the summer with her, she jumps at the chance to get away. Then she begins to second guess her impulsiveness when she reaches the old home and sees the state it is in. She is happy to do her bit to help her grandmother as she gets to know more about a certain handsome neighbour.

Easton loves the brewery that his grandfather founded with Tara’s grandfather, but he can’t abide his cousin Bennett. Bennett has spent his life making trouble between Easton and his father Brody, who currently manages the brewery. Things get nasty when Tara’s house has a break in and Easton suspects that he knows exactly who is involved.

Get your copy of Surrender to Love
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