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It's Christmas in small town, Carlton Grove... 

In holiday love story, Belinda Page, a single mom of a very intelligent four-year-old daughter, is at her wits end trying to keep up with the baby genius. When the child throws herself into a lake to rescue a puppy, Belinda is frantic. Turning to the man who saves both babies, she seeks his support - until she finds out he’s one of those hated Carltons. After all, it was at their home where she’d gone to a party, been drugged, raped and left to deal with the consequences. 

Dr. Reed Carlton, an introvert who feels uncomfortable around most people, can’t believe his luck. He’s finally found Lindy; a girl from his past, a fond memory that has haunted him for over four years. Except that once this Lindy learns who he is, she hates him. What was that all about? At least her daughter and the puppy were on his side. But would their affection be enough for Lindy to accept him into her family’s life.
Please Keep Me (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 1)

Book Review

Belinda loves her precocious four year old Hollie, even though she believes she was drugged and raped. She doesn't remember much of what happened at the party at the Carlton home five years ago, but her black out had consequences that changed her life. She would hate the man who caused the events forever. There was no excuse for such behaviour in her book.

Reed is a successful surgeon today, but he's never been able to get over the one night stand he had five years ago. He's been comparing all his current partners to that sweet, innocent and sexy Lindy. Little does he realize when he jumps into a lake to rescue a pup and a baby that he's going to see her again.

But she doesn't seem to recognize him. He can make out that she's treating him as a total stranger. What he can;t figure out is why? Does she really have no idea who he is, or is she trying to hide a deeper secret?
Please Keep Me (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 1)
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