Dark Moon (Decorah Security Series, Book #2): A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel

Book Description

He's a werewolf. She's his partner. 
Their dangerous assignment: to rescue a young woman forced into sexual slavery. 
As their own relationship heats to flash point, what happens when she discovers her lover is a shape-shifter? 

Book Review

First off let me say that this is not a book for young impressionable children.

There is too much darkness and intense sexuality for this to be a young adult novel.

That said, the story is intriguing. Imagine having to rescue a rich man's kidnapped daughter from a ship on international waters. Now add complications like its actually a high class, kinky brothel being run by a megalomaniac and the take down crew consists of just one couple with no backup. And the man is a werewolf who has mated with the woman, but not yet told her. 

Enough action to keep you holding your breath. Not quite what I expected after On Edge but I'll wait to see how the story progresses in Book 3 of the series.

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