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Ballet instructor Casey Richardson takes an immediate dislike to the wealthy, arrogant Drew Byrne when he pulls his nine-year-old son out of her “silly” dance class. Still, she cannot help noticing his smoking hot body and bedroom eyes. The last thing she needs is for him to be the only one who can prevent the disaster of losing her dance academy, the dream she has worked so hard to turn into a reality. Can she save her school without losing her heart? 

Remarrying is definitely off Drew’s list of things to do. He has no problem keeping it a game with some of the world’s most beautiful women. So why should his son’s challenging, straight talking dance teacher get under his skin in a way no other female has? He tells himself it is because Casey is the only one able to bring his shy, uncommunicative son out of his shell. Or is it because Drew has finally met his match? 

Book Review

Casey is finally running a dance school and enjoying every bit of it. Considering that all her life she has been caring for others, she has never given her own self much time. Now even her dance school is under threat of shutting down because the rented building is being sold by the landlord. She feels she is nothing but a loser. Always second best when it comes to her younger sister, specially in the eyes of her own mother. Should she fight for her dream or just accept that she is never going to be a success.

Drew doesn't want his son participating in something as feminine as dance classes. Only trouble is Josh only ever opens up to Miss Casey and hates his father for keeping him away from her classes. Drew himself has a reputation for being a total womaniser, one that he agrees he deserves. Then why does he suddenly have eyes for no one else? And is getting involved with his son's dance teacher really a wise decision? Unfortunately his heart doesn't seem to get that memo.

Casey and Drew go nose to nose in competition with just about anything they touch. Each trying to out do the other no matter what sport or activity they undertake. Somewhere along the way, fighting their attraction to each other, they both give in. Its only going to end in heart ache for both of them... or can they really make something of this crazy, intense and angst filled relationship?
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