Book Description

This is a Novella of 15K. 

For Fans of CLOCKWISE. 

Ever wonder how Nate got talked into asking Casey to dance on a dare? And what it felt like for him to experience 1860? How he really felt about Casey Donovan? Now you can know!!

Book Review

Nate asked Casey to dance only because his friends bugged him into it. Little did he know how drastically his life was about to change. Skin to skin contact and a pressure filled situation causes Casey to trip back to the past and this time she takes Nate with her.

Initially Nate figures its a practical joke, however he finally does figure out its for real. Seeing Casey deal with this dual life causes him to look at her a fresh. As he grapples to digest what she goes through each trip, he finds himself torn between wanting to be there and protect her or running really
hard in the opposite direction.

Can Nate handle the pressure of a Time Travelling girl friend? Only time will tell!

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