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Book Description

Kasha has lived her life in hiding, working the job of the City Engineer of Wingmount in a society that lets neither women, nor any member of the Tanoa race work trades. Finally, she has been offered the chance to work for her own people, who must evacuate their beloved Earth Shaman from the slopes of an active volcano. No other engineer in history could build the craft that Kasha has designed for this task: the sky chariot. 

However, in order to fly it, she and her cousin, Ahote, will breach the most sacred rules of the Andalanos, the pale skinned race of people who govern their nation. Once, Kasha thought she would not mind betraying them. They had only given her grief. 

But as she has grown in her talent for engineering, many Andalanos have supported her at great risk to themselves. Even high ranking government officials seek her counsel and beg for her aid in a costly war they fight on the coast, in a part of the kingdom Kasha has never seen and never thought she’d care about. 

There is no way to help one people without betraying the other, and in this society, betrayal often means death. Kasha must decide where her loyalties lie, and whether she is up to the task of saving the last shaman of her people. 

Book Review

Kasha has her hands full acting as the Engineer of the city while trying to rescue Ahote's grandmother, the Earth Shaman Tuwa. She must design a new sky chariot which Sky, Ahote's pagasus must pull to rescue Tuwa, but as the Earth Shaman grows weaker and is pulled into the trance deeper both Kasha and Ahote despair that they may not be able to pull off the rescue in time.

The distant Andolan war is intruding in the form of warships that want better weapons. The city engineer's skills are much in demand and people are begining to wonder about the eccentric engineer who never is seen but performs miracles. Can Kasha keep her identity hidden in the rising curiosity?

Magistrate Xavier wants Kasha to help his friend, a knight to defend the Andolan borders, but as Kasha realizes that she is communicating in code with teh Crown Prince Lukas himself, she wonders what political game she is getting herself into. When he discovers that she is a woman, and that too not Andolan, what will his reaction be?

There is too much on her plate and she must succeed on all fronts or the price to pay will be too high. Can Kasha do it all? or will she end up being thrown off the cliffs to her death like her father?

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Click Here to Buy - The Sky Chariots Saga Book 3: Cleansing Fire
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