This novel is part of Sweet Christmas Kisses 2: Nineteen Heartwarming Holiday Romances

Book Description

Can childhood friendship blossom into love? Gemma and Chris were childhood best friends until their lives took separate paths, both leading to heartache. Fifteen years later, a surprise reunion at Christmastime offers them a second chance at happiness.

Book Review

Gemma can not imagine leaving her sister's daughter to a foster home and her husband can not understand her wanting a "damaged" child when they can have one of their own. The divorce is far from amicable and Gemma has decided that Maddie is to be her focus of attention till she grows up and goes to college.

Chris has loved Gemma all his life, even though he never told her so. Gemma still thinks of him as her best friend from school. A chance meeting after years in a store gives them the opportunity to get to know each other again. Having lost out so many years ago Chris is eager to take their relationship forward and has no trouble accepting Maddie, but will Maddie accept him?

Will Gemma be able to make Maddie understand that having Chris in their lives is a good thing? Will she be able to share her new awareness of Chris as something more than an old friend with him? Can the three of them forge a truce long enough to consider a future together? Nicely Written!

Sweet Christmas Kisses 2: Nineteen Heartwarming Holiday Romances
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