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Anne takes a rescue kitten to the vet, only to discover he’s the man who broke her heart. 

Anne Hurd returns to the Pocono's to help her elderly grandfather. Six years earlier Kyle Shafer disappeared from her life. She rescues a kitten, takes her to a vet who turns out to be Kyle. Kyle can't believe Anne walked back into his life. Will he scare her away, or will she give him another chance? Kyle decides to take a chance and try for the love he gave up on.

Book Review

Anne has not exactly had a conventional childhood. When her mother remarries she experiences neglect and her grandparents step in to care for her. She loves living with them and has no hesitation about giving up her job and moving back to help her elderly grandfather once her grandmother passes away.

They discover a litter of stray kitten and when one is poisoned, Anne wants to care for the rest. unfortunately there is just one little kitten left to rescue. Anne calls her Mavy and her grandfather takes to the kitten as he is lonely.

The kitten needs to be tended to by a vet, and Anne gets a shock when she figures out that the vet is the one man she had loved. The one man who had ended their relationship without so much as a phone call or a letter. Now Kyle is all smiles to see her and wants her back in his life, but he has a secret.

Will this be the end of their relationship, or will Anne and Kyle be able to get over the past and bond again to become a happy family?

Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romance
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