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Book Description

An ancient warrior

For archaeologist Nina Wilde it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Her studies of an ancient text have convinced her that a tomb containing the remains of legendary warrior Hercules may actually exist. If she can locate it, it will be the most important historical find ever to be unearthed.

An incredible treasure

As Nina and Eddie Chase, her ex-SAS bodyguard, begin their search it’s clear that others want to find the tomb – and the unimaginable riches contained within. Then Chase’s attention is diverted by the re-appearance of a face from his past...

Book Review

The discovery of Atlantis was kept a secret so as not to let out the details of the villain's plan to wipe out 98% of the earth's population with a biologically engineered plague. However Dr Nina Wilde is now in a new position of power at a multi nation funded agency. Right by her side is her former body guard and current boy friend Eddie Chase. They are still adjusting to regular office hours, in Eddie's case not so successfully, when they get plunged in to one more wild chase!

The book is not as much fun as The Hunt for Atlantis (Book 1 in the series), because there just seems to be scene after scene of action with no breathing space to build up the story. Still its living up to the masala movie standard and has the hero survive all kinds of odds to finally manage to rescue his love and realize that he wants something more permanent in the nature of the relationship.

Click Here to Get - The Tomb of Hercules (Wilde/Chase 2)
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