This novella is part of "Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romances"

Book Description

A handsome neighbor and his friendly St. Bernard mooch food and kisses from a merry widow.

Widow Marnie Haywood wants Christmas hosting her in-laws to go smoothly. And it would - if her handsome neighbor and his friendly St. Bernard would stop coming over, mooching food, and stealing kisses.

Book Review

Marnie struggles to make a comfortable life for her son Alex after the unfortunate death of her husband. Even as she struggles with her sense of guilt for not having done enough for her husband when he needed help, she hopes to forge a bond with her in-laws as she invites them over for Christmas. She is high strung and wants everything to be perfect, however she has not catered for a St. Bernard who can talk and a gorgeous temporary neighbour.

Jonas is babysitting Snowflake for his deployed friend for a week. He is also trying to come to terms with a workplace tragedy where he was involved in a car crash as a cop on a high speed chase. While no one else blames him for the accidental death of the little old grandmother in the car crash, he has failed to protect the one he joined up to serve. In his own head he could not get around the accident. Then he finds the perfect distraction next door, Marnie.

Two people with enough baggage would not be in a place to start a new relationship, however Snowflake is a St.Bernard with a mission. If only Marnie didn't think she was going crazy when she listened to his advice! This is one really cute story.

Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romances
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