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A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS (Heavenly Christmas series Book 1)

Book Description

A delightful Christmas story, the first in a new series by Patrice Wilton, NEW YORK TIMES best seller. 
Jennie Braxton and her two small children are traveling to Philadelphia for Christmas with her family. Car trouble lands them in a magical town called Heaven, PA. Everything about this sweet place seems too good to be true, especially Nick Ryan, a local chef with a heart as big as her own. His sensual smile tempts her from mourning the loss of her dear husband, to look into the future. Can her dreams of finding happiness again come true, or will her heart hide safely in the past? 

Book Review

This is a second chance romance for Jennie Braxton who recently lost her husband and is considering relocating her two children to be closer to her parents and be part of a larger family. She is driving down to Philadelphia when her car gets wrecked in a town called Heaven, PA. Its a small place with barely any people but its also a slice of simple living with no crime and a whole lot of natural beauty.

Nick Ryan has come home and finally found his place, as a chef in the town of Heaven. When Jennie crashes he is the one at hand to help get her to the hospital and takes care of her children till her parents arrive. He is strangely reluctant to let go of this lady who obviously needs a lot more healing in life.

Can Nick convince Jennie that a second chance is just what she needs to give Heaven? Will horse carriage rides and stolen kisses convince her? Find out when you read the book!

Get it on A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS (Heavenly Christmas series Book 1)
Get it on A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS (Heavenly Christmas series Book 1)
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