Masquerade by the Sea

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After personal tragedy, Captain Jolie Gordon takes charge of the Masquerade, a fishing boat turned pleasure-cruiser. Jolie dreams of owning a successful business charter, but she is one pinion away from losing everything she’s invested. She’s got the summer to come up with enough money to buy a new engine and can’t afford any distractions. 

Ex ski instructor Heath Hamilton boards the Masquerade for his brother’s wedding party charter, angry at all he’s lost due to a random accident on the slopes. Excruciating pain keeps Heath from trusting that he will ever be whole again. Left with the pieces of who he used to be, nobody is more surprised than Heath when he accepts Jolie’s offered job as a bartender on the yacht for the summer. 

Opening her heart is a risk, but Jolie recognizes in Heath a kindred spirit, forced to rebuild after circumstances changed the planned course. They spend the steamy South Florida summer daring to love again, fearing that life does not always go according to plan. 

Book Review

Jolie is free spirited, happy and has the life she loves. She is everything that Heath is not, or so he thinks in his misery. Is this going to affect their interactions? Very much, specially when he decided to take her up on the summer job to distract himself from the loneliness he is dreading now that his brother is moving away from Utah.

A temp bar tender's job seems to have more merit than simply sitting around waiting for a substitute job to start three months from now. They two have decided to spend a summer of love together and then Heath will step away back into his real life. Unfortunately love has a way of rearing its pretty head in places not expected.

Will the two of them manage to ends things on an even keel or is Jolie's happiness going to sink like the proverbial rudderless ship? Find out when you read this entertaining and well written novel. 

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