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Book Description

A beautiful blend of sweet, contemporary romance and women’s fiction, in the tradition of Debbie Macomber and Susan Mallery. Set against the backdrop of the Florida sun and a forgotten dinner theater, this novel is a companion to Book 1 in the Shellwater Key Tales series, Left Turn At Paradise, telling that story from another perspective… 

Thirty years ago, desperation drove Elizabeth McCarthy to do the unthinkable when she abandoned her infant daughter, Layla, to the care of her mother. Now, after years of trying to outrun the memories and the guilt, Beth has come home to Shellwater Key to make amends. She has survived deadbeat relationships, becoming a single mother, and cancer, but now faces the most difficult battle of her life…finding a way to connect with the legendary mother she was never able to please…and earning the forgiveness of the daughter who has every reason to hate her. She might even have a chance to find the missing piece of her heart when Layla’s father arrives in town looking for answers. 

Coming Home To Paradise is a powerful story of a woman who never felt like she was enough, despite being physically beautiful. It’s the story of a woman who has been broken by life, and by illness, and who now only wants to make things right. A story about discovering that it’s never too late to find true love…or more accurately…find the true love that slipped away. 

Book Review

Why would a young teen mother leave her baby girl on the doorstep of the grandmother who had rejected her? The author takes us through the life of a troubled girl who is unable to live up to the reputation and expectations of her highly successful mother. Most mother daughter relationships are complex and multilayered and when you throw in a rebel girl who manages to get pregnant in school, well things are bound to take a nose dive. There is love, but there is angst. There is a second chance for Beth but only if she puts on her big girl panties and faces the mistakes that she has made in the past. She wants to make peace with her mother, get to know Layla her daughter and do what she can to help her. She is also grateful for the support of her aunt, who has literally helped all three generations.
This was the first book of the author that I have read. There was a great set of well defined characters who went though their own growth as the story progressed. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. And I will honestly say that I enjoyed reading it.

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