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The noose around Loki’s neck is tightening. In this final installment of the Cera story arc, Gerðr, the frost giantess, wants him dead; Cera, the World Seed, wants his head—literally and figuratively; the FBI wants him in Guantanamo; and an old friend from Asgard wants to bring him home...whether Loki likes it or not. 

Things can’t get any worse, but when Loki’s involved, it’s certain they will. In the third chapter of I Bring the Fire, humanity’s demons are unleashed on the Nine Realms and Amy Lewis and Steve Rogers get front row seats. 

Chaos might be their only hope. 

Book Review

Where Loki goes Chaos follows. And when you are trying to kill otherworldly monsters who are running a muck on Earth, you need Chaos to be on your side. This story picks up where the last one ended making it a seamless transition. Jameson is still completely clueless to the fact that Loki is a God. He thinks Loki is just some low rent alien invading earth an the enemy of mankind and therefore beyond his control or his reach. Steve councils it is a bad idea to try and arrest Loki but Jameson ignores him and all sorts of mayhem ensues. Never try to trick a Trickster! It shortens your shelf life immensely.

As everyone starts trying to get control of Cera the World Seed, it becomes important to Loki to harness its power. He finally realizes his true potential, even as Amy steps up and becomes more than a damsel in distress. Just before he sacrifices himself he manages to dump all his memories in Amy and yes, he realizes that he cares for her enough to come back and hunt for her. He also wants her to remind him of his promise!

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