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Book Description

Loki vowed Asgard would burn. 

Bohdi Patel, latest incarnation of Chaos, wants nothing to do with Loki’s psychotic oath. 
Stranded on the icy world of Jotunheim with Amy Lewis, his friend Steve Rogers, and an unlikely band of civilians, magical beings, and elite military, Bohdi just wants to keep himself and his friends alive … but when you’re Chaos incarnate, even the simplest goals are complicated. 

If Jotunheim doesn’t kill them, Odin will, and if Odin doesn’t, the secrets they harbour might. 

In the final instalment of I Bring the Fire, Bohdi, Amy, and Steve learn that Chaos cannot be contained, some secrets cannot be kept, and some vows cannot be broken. 

Book Review

Okay, all the ice and difficulties in the beginning of the book were a bit boring to wade through. Although it was good to see Amy and Bohdi finally acknowledge each other's feelings. I did enjoy the twist of change of the guards for the Norse Gods in the end. I'm not revealing any more because it would not be fair to add spoilers to the review. Needless to say if you have the rest of the books in the series, you will surely be reading this one with bated breath right till the end.

And I need to get the grouse of my chest. Bohdi is supposed to be Indian, but no Kashmiri will be called Bhat, that's a south Indian surname. Plus Triloki, that is just not a Muslim name! I know I want to congratulate the author for the rest of the series being so much fun, but she really should have researched the name a bit better. Okay, I'm done grousing. Go read the book.

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