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When science meets Chaos, what could go wrong? 

Bohdi Patel is keeping the revelation that he is Chaos incarnate a secret, and handling the revelation about as well as one would expect. He’s in a downward spiral: losing his lease, totaling his car, and trying to keep everyone he cares about at arm's length. 

Veterinarian Amy Lewis is wondering what happened to the funny, flirty, curious Bohdi she knew in the land of the Norns. He’s become moody and sometimes cruel. She is definitely glad she didn’t become romantically entangled with him ... most of the time. 

When tragedy strikes Amy’s beloved mutt Fenrir, and Odin strikes Bohdi’s best friend Steve, they have to work together again. Amy’s knowledge of science, Bohdi’s talents for theft, and both of their survival skills are put to the test. But more than Steve and Fenrir’s lives are at stake. Amy and Bohdi may unlock the key that saves mankind from the gods … or bring about the apocalypse. 

Book Review

He definitely did not ask to be Loki's next incarnation. However Bohdi has to face the facts and the facts are that he is Chaos reincarnated and he is in love with Amy. For his own sanity he needs to keep his distance, but its difficult when he wants her so much. She is the friend who understands him better than anyone else. And its a friendship he is willing to go to great lengths to preserve. Especially when he needs her medical background to help heal his best friend Steve.

Amy knows she is conducting all kinds of crimes, but if she can get Steve okay again it will all be worth it. Fenirr is a good experiment subject, but something about messing with magic is bound to end badly. Specially when she is not completely honest about how she achived her results. However she can't just stand by and let Odin supress Earth using magic. She has to even the odds, and she does it remarkably well. Can't wait to read what happens next.
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