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The Leader Who Rules Chaos, Rules the Realms… 

Two years ago Loki, God of Mischief and Chaos, destroyed a large chunk of Chicago’s financial district and then vanished into thin air. He still has not been found. Odin, ruler of the Nine Realms, is desperate. To find Loki, he sends his son Thor on a dangerous quest to consult the all-seeing Norns. But Thor needs humanity’s help... 

Loki’s former lover, veterinarian Amy Lewis, is carrying all of Loki’s memories—but missing some of her own. Hoping to keep Loki from Odin’s machinations, she agrees to help Thor on his journey. 

Bohdi Patel’s memory was wiped by Loki’s mischief. He thinks Amy and Thor are both crazy to want anything to do with Loki. But he needs to find his parents, and he’s been told the Norns will answer any question—for a price. 

When Chaos is the goal, only one thing is certain: Amy and Bohdi are about to get into worlds of mischief. 

Book Review

The hunt is on for Loki. Or rather his reincarnation, since he blew himself up with Cera. Odin has his minions hunting the 9 realms to see just what kind of magical creature Loki aka Chaos is going to show up as. Thor is hunting for him and so is Amy. Bohdi is not looking for Loki, but he wants to know more about himself. When the opportunity for inter realm travel presents itself with Amy as his guide to hunt for the Fates and find out more about himself, he gladly hops on to Thor's chariot. Amy may have different motivation for visiting the Fates but she is glad of the company.

Spiders, forest fires, killer insects and a whole lot more scary stuff later they manage to hitch a ride on a dragon to get to the Fates in the land of the Norns. What Bohdi suspects is confirmed, but he's in no mood for the six armed women or their charms. All he wants is to find out about his parents, but chaos rules and they have to make a quick escape from the furious Fates. Am I going to read the next story in the series? Hell yea!

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