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Guest Post by Author Nidhi Kaur

How I turned into an Author

I am a thirty seven year old female, and a computer engineer by profession. The thought of writing a book never crossed my mind until I was thirty four. It was one fine day and my heart was full of gratitude toward the Universe for blessing my life in so many ways. I was never so grateful before. I have always had a big list of complaints against my life and the circumstances I have been through. But that day there were no complaints, no grudges, and no blame.
I pondered and asked myself, “What have you done, Nidhi? Life was not so peaceful for you before and you never thought that you would have a happy life. How did you reach here?” As I introspected I heard a voice say, “I love you” to me. My heart pounded, and love danced within my chest. I had a strong urge to write a poem and I wrote one. Then wrote another, and then another. I wrote around twenty poems that day.
I thought to myself that if I can write up to fifty poems I will get those printed for my children. But the writing did not stop. It happened every single day and has been happening ever since. The content of my writings and poems have changed, but a voice within me keeps telling me love secrets that I write down on a paper. These secrets have turned into two beautiful books “My Wedding with Truth”, and “A Journey to Yonder”, with a third one coming up next.
I hope you all can make that connection with the secret lover and live your life to your true potential.
i was
i fell
in love.
. . .
i am
love has fallen
all over me.
~nidhi kaur

Book Description

A Journey to Yonder is the tale of one woman’s refusal to allow the challenges of her past to define her present. She grows up with a special needs sibling and loses her childhood home, and we then follow her through an abusive relationship and into the most unforgiving of human trials.

With experiences that leave you feeling so alone, how do you hold on to hope? How do you go on?

Nidhi Kaur’s compelling use of both poetry and prose intimately welcomes readers into this moving story of spiritual rediscovery. Poems are sprinkled throughout the story, guiding readers through intimate and stunning moments of truth. Kaur reminds us that if we offer our trust completely to God, we are never alone.

The author of the spiritual collection of poetry My Wedding with Truth, Nidhi Kaur once again delivers an emotionally enlightened journey through the human heart. Miracles can be seen everywhere in this world, and Kaur helps us remember to keep our eyes open in this riveting story of redemption.

Book Review

 As an Indian woman myself, I have not been a stranger to the inequality of genders in our country. Very often I have faced circumstances similar to what the author narrated in the book and felt the fear and frustrations that often accompany these experiences. This is a tale of self discovery and return to prayer after really horrific experiences.

I don't know if the story is autobiographical, but I pray it is not. The book has a beautiful blend of prose and poetry which leads us into the author's inner thoughts and feelings. The language is descriptive and evokes visual images. I loved the way she described her childhood home and could almost compare it to my own grandparents home. The loss she felt when it was sold was one that I could totally identify with.

The darker parts of the book involving the abusive treatment left me feeling depressed. To be honest it rang a bit too true to what often happens around us in society. Sometimes it's even closer home. The author's strength in bringing all this to light is truly commendable. I wish her joy and solace as she takes the journey into yonder.

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  1. Nidhi Says:

    Thank you so much gracing and honoring my book and my writing with your kind and wonderful review! Wishing you happiness and peace as well.

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