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Book Description

Dara Roux, abandoned when she was seven years old by her mother. 
Exceptionally gifted in foreign languages. Orphan. 
Accepted to Yale University. 

Mackenzie Yarborough, no record of her parents or where she was born. Exceptionally gifted in math and problem-solving. Orphan. 
Accepted to MIT.

Jennifer Torres, both parents killed in an accident when she was sixteen. 
Exceptionally gifted in music and art. Orphan. 
Accepted to Juilliard.

The three amazing FIGs-Females of Intellectual Genius-as they are known, have graduated from Wood Rose Orphanage and Academy for Young Women after returning from their action-packed trip to New York City. In book 3 of The FIG Mysteries, Mackenzie-due to her exceptional genius at problem solving-is personally chosen to work on a top-secret project. The goal: immortality. The exotic location-a remote village in China-is uncannily close to the archaeological site where Dara is working. Is this just a coincidence? After her arrival, Mackenzie must not only get to the bottom of an impossible mystery, but must also face the razor-sharp claws of an ancient, blood-thirsty dragon. Her closest friends-the FIGs and Carolina-must rely on their unique genius and remarkable talents as they race to save Mackenzie as she tries to discover the heart-stopping truth about her birth parents

Book Review

The adventures of Dara, Mackenzie and Jennifer continue in this third book of the F.I.G. mysteries. This time round Mackenzie is chosen to lead a project that is top secret and may lead to amazing advancements in the field of science. The project is based in China. Dara is being asked to help out at an archaeological site which is also in China. There is no doubt that both Carolina and Jennifer will accompany them there.

The trip is overshadowed with a warning of danger for Mackenzie sent out by Carolina's gypsy mother in Italy. She needs to be protected from the dragon who means her bodily harm. Will her friends be able to keep Mackenzie safe, even as her genius shines in solving the problems of her secret research project?

There are old friends from New York revisited, and Carolina's boyfriend is again trying to run to their rescue as soon as his Gypsy senses twitch. The discovery of Mackenzie's origins and family was interesting. 

I enjoyed reading the book, there were a number of twists and turns that led to you wondering what was coming next. Although I could have done with a little less of the repetition from the first couple of books. For someone following the series it was boring, however I suppose for someone who picks up the book as a standalone, it would be fine.

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